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A to Z – Armor in the Sea of Stars

1 April, 2018

The level of manufacturing technology in the Sea of Stars ranges from late stone age in some isolated pockets to nearly industrial levels with wind, water and magically powered machinery at the other end of the spectrum.  So a wide variety of types of armor can be constructed but what sorts of armor are useful?

Buff CoatFirearms and gunpowder artillery are not a factor but battlefield magic is.  This means that just choosing the heaviest armor is not always the best choice as mobility can be as important as protection, so most seek some sort of middle ground between defense and maneuverability.  Thus the humble buff coat, a think leather coat that other armor can be worn over as needed, is often the basis for many a warrior’s defensive gear.  Inexpensive but versatile while providing a foundation for heavier armors, it is popular across all social classes.

For those wearing heavier armor having it forged from Dragonsteel is the pinnacle of light weight yet protective with Dragonsteel mail and breastplates common among the nobility but rare among most soldiers.  For those who cannot afford that, dwarven wrought steel is prized and most of the dwarven holds export armor.  A full suit of armor is still considered to be the mark of the martial nobility in many lands and remains a common sight in war.

More exotic armors exist but with increasing rarity, the elves and nature cults make suits of living vines and wood, the dwarves work living crystal, wizards craft bloodstones and bracers to magically guard their wearer.  There is even armor made from salt and the legendary god-forged armor which is not in the claws of the dragon.  There is something for every taste and purpose if one searches hard enough or has a deep enough purse.

Notes: The A to Z Challenge begins!  You can help me decide what to post, go here to read more.  Armor is always an interesting subject in a fantasy world.  What do you think about about how armor and magic interact?

Image “Buff Coat” by European via The Metropolitan Museum of Art is licensed under CC0 1.0.


A to Z Metapost – Aims, and asking for your help

1 April, 2018

A to ZIt is the start of April’s A to Z Blogging Challenge, which I have participated in on and off since its second year in 2011, today.  This post is a little about my aims for the A to Z Challenge, where one does twenty-six blog posts over April, one for each letter of the alphabet.

While this is an “A” post, it is not the actual post for today, that will come later and be on the theme of armor, this one is about my Aims for the challenge this year.  My aim is to fill in missing odds and ends in the background and structure of the Sea of Stars setting.

So, if you have any questions about the Sea of Stars, please, please ask!  While I will find things to fill the alphabet as the month goes on, I would much rather be providing things that are useful for you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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