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A to Z – Love and Such in the Sea of Stars

16 April, 2018

Love!?Of course, love exists in the Sea of Stars, though there are no longer any deities that embody or promote the concept.  Among most cultures, love is how it always has been, which includes a nearly infinite number of combinations, rules, taboos and dangers.

The elves, however, have embraced the love of loss, they have developed entire genres of poetry and romances addressing the loss of the wholeness of the world, their gods (suitably allegorized), their near immortality, their place in the cycle of things, their lack.  Almost all of the elven cultures are woven through with loss and nostalgia to a greater or lesser extent.

The Visse, mostly, have a love of service and of those who are their social superiors, usually dragons, such is how they were made.  Their family lives tend to be ordered and hierarchical but not locking in love, though the strict hierarchies do lead to the occasional secret assignations and unrequited love.

Dragons are . . . not good with love.  They have great passions, driving passions, and they often acquire and collect things with an avarice that borders on love.  This sometimes extends to people but their love is usually possessive and can be cruel.  Almost all dragons are exceedingly self-centered but some try to learn more about mortal love, with mixed results at best.  But conventional wisdom says that it is best to avoid the eye of a dragon.


Notes: Love is a strange thing and dragons are strange, so naturally the two together are even stranger.

Image “Love” by Thomas Rowlandson (British, London 1757–1827 London), T. Smith (British, active London 1785–1800) via The Metropolitan Museum of Art is licensed under CC0 1.0

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