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A to Z – Urbia

26 April, 2018

The wonders of a cityThe Sea of Stars has a large number of cities, dragons like cities, all that wealth gathered together to enjoy and display.  It is like a hoard with better entertainment.

Now, this does not mean that it approaches anything like the modern level of urbanization, as it is closer to the 15-20% range (roughly the same or slightly higher level as Mughal India in the 18th C. or Europe in the mid-18th C.).  Better transport networks (ships, roads, canals all supported by magic) and magical preservation and production of food make urbanization easier to accomplish just as magically enhanced sanitation and medical aid make cities much more pleasant, and safer, to live in.

A few of the beautiful cities that you can visit:

Shel’lioc, the capital of the Draconic Imperium, home to the Empress and so on.  The literal center of the Sea of Stars, as much as such terms make sense there, and all of the Draconic Houses maintain a presence here.  There are museums, grand government buildings, theaters, one thing lacking are any monuments to the Empress however.  It is also the central transfer point for the Seven Gate Cites (more about them in a moment).  Almost anything and anyone can be found here but it is under the direct gaze of the Empress and her servants.

The Seven Gate Cities, home to the only stable teleportation gates in the Sea of Stars and they all transit to Shel’lioc keeping the Capital fed and a lively center of trade as are each of the Gate Cities.  They are all bustlng places full of commerce and Imperial agents.

Asku-Korla, once a massive city along the trade route not mostly abandoned with the shift of trade after the Sundering.  Ruled by the barbarian king known as the Bronze Lion who maintains a unit of cavalry mounted on MothLions.  (And visited by venturers here.)

Borusa, the City of Scholars, a place of learning, libraries and feuding scholars.  Most things worth knowing can be found here . . . if one searches hard enough and pays off enough of the locals.

Taren Kost, home to the Sea of Stars first long running campaign and often visited again since then.  The City of Sorrows is a major player in its corner of the world and a major center of commerce and industry.

Terriece, in the Kingdom of Eosiant, a place of high culture and intrigue among the nobility and the ambitious.  A place for courtly games and dangers.

Vine, Capital of the Eastern Storm Empire, an old and increasing decadent land destined to be absorbed by the Dark Star Dominion and nearly destroyed during the Nightmare War.  (And visited by Evard’s Black Orchestra in their attempt to advance their prospects.)

Notes: Obviously there are many, many more cities to visit but thise is a cross section of ones that have actively played a role in various campaigns.

Image “City of Washington in America” by Utagawa Yoshitora (Japanese, active ca. 1850–80), Japan via The Metropolitan Museum of Art is licensed under CC0 1.0.


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