A to Z – Enigma of the Sea of Stars

5 April, 2018

This is a collection of unanswered, perhaps unanswerable questions about the Sea of Stars:

  • Shattered and sunderedWhy did the Sundering happen?  Was it a final act of spite of the Gods?  A miscalculation on behalf of the Empress?  An end result of the titanic energy unleashed during the Gods War?
  • Where did the Visse, the race of small humans that serve the dragons, come from?  Where they always around and never noticed?  Did the Empress somehow create them?  Were they once other being transformed as a reward or punishment?
  • How has the Moon escaped death at the hands of the Dragons since the Gods War?  Especially as the Moon Sect is the source of such chaos and disruption.
  • How did the Wash survive?  And how did it become Petrichor?

Notes: Busy day and and thus a short A to Z entry.

Image  “Shattered Glass #2” by Ben Becker is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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