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A to Z – Infernal Realms

11 April, 2018

Infernal PlaceOne of the end results of the Gods War was a sealing off of the Sea of Stars from outside realms, some more so that others.  The higher, heavenly, and lower, infernal realms were deliberately and effectively cut off from the Sea of Stars while magic could pierce the barriers, it is difficult and the called beings find themselves drawn back to their native realm.

Naturally, the rulers of the infernal realms are not happy with this situation, they are certain that if they could gain unrestricted access to the mortal realms again they could, at the very least, reap a harvest of souls and, at best, conquer the world and and promote themselves to gods.  Unfortunately, the new nature of the world works against them in so many ways.

  • Hell reaches for youIncreasingly powerful magics are required to bring over more than the most minor being.  Once summoned, the magical membrane separating the realms moves to close and to eject any creature from the lower realms (or, to be fair, the higher realms as well) unless they are bound to a contract or a physical object or being in this one.  If the binding is broken, the process of ejection begins anew.
  • The new morality of Dominae makes many of the sins that the lower beings feed on and leverage into corruption people into acceptable and even expected action.  How can a demon tempt you into what is expected or even encouraged?
  • The dragons have no wish to see new rivals to their power and while a small number of dragons will make minor deals with the lower planes it is always from a position of strength and never for more than minor boons or servants.  Most dragons ruthlessly hunt down infernalists and dark cults with the same zeal they destroy zealots wishing to resurrect the gods.

This does not stop the infernal realms from seeking a foothold, or cults from seeking a new dark, god or infernalists seeking power, but it does make all of their paths much more difficult.  Thus demons and other infernal beings a known but rare danger in the Sea of Stars.

Notes: Just under the wire on this one.

Image of the Palace “Inferno. Hell.” by Luciano and of the grasping hands of hell, “A Depiction of Hell” by David Wiley both are licensed under CC BY 2.0.


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