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A to Z – Jesters and Humor

12 April, 2018

Harlequin?There is a long tradition of having court jesters, however, as a general rule, dragons are not the best with humor and are objectively terrible at accepting criticism even -or especially- in the form of parody and play.  The exception, as if often the case, is the Empress.  While she does not hold court regularly enough to have a court jester, she often brings players, clowns and jesters, acrobats and other performers with her when she visits other Draconic nobles.

The Empress lets fools and jesters lightly mock her, and often more seriously tease or even ridicule her hosts, as the performers are under her protection, the other draconic nobles may grumble, but they will not act obviously against her playthings.  The Empress realizes that criticism crouched in humor sometimes will penetrate where direct confrontation would not, she lets her jesters and clowns provide that critique if her words will not be heeded.  After all, there is nothing a tyrant fears more than the laughter of their subject directed at them.

The Empress does not mind the occasional comedic barb sent her way, accusations of laying multicolored or gold eggs, being portrayed as a lusty dragon/woman (her seven closest aides are all handsome male dragons after all), jokes about the greed of dragons, and so on.  As long as her competence to rule is not questioned, she can take a few laughs at her expense.  After all, she remembers being roundly mocked, laughed at and dismissed when she first ventured to talk about a plan to overthrow the gods, that was painful and humiliating . . . but look who is laughing now.

Notes: Something for everyone, a comedy tonight!

Photo “Jester” by Michael Neel is licensed under CC BY 2.0.  (Yes, I know it is Harley Quinn, but that is the name the photographer gave to it.)

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