A to Z – Ba’aikire, the Unkind Ones

2 April, 2018

Dance of warVoddick shuddered and quickly turned back from the doorway to the tavern.

“Trouble?” asked Gollaon, his hand falling to his sword hilt.

“Harvesters, a whole flock of ’em,” said Voddick.  “You can smell the death on them.”

“They must think there will be a battle on the morrow.”

“Truth.  We had best cut our night short and prepare.”

Ba’iakire (Darkwings, Harvesters)

The Ba’aikire are the surviving daughters of the slain goddess of war, death and carrion and their descendants. For reasons that are obscure to this day, the Dragon Empress did not order them slain following the death of their mother but allowed them to continue to exist and roam the Sea of Stars in their bloody quests.

Raven pondersThe Ba’aikire travel widely as mercenaries, operate as freelance raiders and pirates, only rarely serving as bodyguards or other such defensive roles unless they promise bloodletting. Their appearance is often taken as an omen of imminent and impending bloodshed and with good reason. The travels of the Ba’aikire always bring them back to the blasted Highlands from which they originated and where their mother was once worshiped though it sometime takes years or even decades before they again visit their home.

The Ba’aikire are exclusively female and, while they can have sexual relations, they do not reproduce biologically. Their numbers are increased only through dark rituals involving hidden places of power, female infants, raven’s eggs and blood.

Personality: The Ba’aikire are cold and dangerous, only war and slaughter arouses their passions. At best, they are aloof and calculating. Many feel uncomfortable around the Ba’aikire, feeling that they are only being sized up to be their next foe.

The Ba’aikire are, however, considered extremely honest, if their deign to speak with you, they will tell the truth and they always keep their word.

Physical Description: The Ba’aikire are striking humanish woman, universally tall and slender averaging nearly seven foot (2.1 meters) tall with pale skin, dark hair and eyes. Some say they look bloodless, others that they are as cold as death, in any case, their beauty is a terrible one.Their fingers and long and end in hard, curving nails. Many choose to decorate their skin with tattoos or ritual scarring, however they avoid piercing their flesh.

Each Ba’aikire has the ability to transform themself into the form of a large raven (or, more rarely, another primarily black carrion bird) with all the benefits and limits of that form.

Relations: The Ba’aikire are at best tolerated, often feared and almost never welcomed. However, no noe wishes to make them enemies and so there are rarely directly attacked.

The Ba’aikire serve in many armies, but only on their own terms, and are never considered fully reliable due to their bloodlust and suspected secret agenda.

Alignment: While the Ba’aikire care only for themselves and their sisters and daughters, their word is ironclad but they will follow the literal letter of any agreement they make if it is to their advantage.

Lands of the Ba’aikire: The Ba’aikire eventually return to the blasted and broken highland islands where their mother was once worshiped and where they preform the rituals that create more of their kind. But primarily they are wanderers who claim no land as their own. They travel in bands called ‘unkindnesses’ like the ravens who form they can assume.

Raven NecklaceReligion: The Ba’aikire have a dark and fatalist philosophy which they do not speak of outside of their own kind, and they follow a loose sort of ancestor worship. Rumors exist that they practice dark and blood-drenched rituals in an attempt to restore their mother to the world.

Language: The Ba’aikire speak their own guttural tongue, the Imperial Tongue and they can speak to and understand carrion birds.

Names: The Ba’aikire gravitate to the harsh sounding names of their ancestors with some name adopted from warrior-women of other cultures. Often with a title or nickname attached.

Venturers: The Ba’aikire are mercenaries, raiders and opportunists. A rare few are scholars and philosophers as well, seeking knowledge as well as blood and coin.

Notes: One of the stranger minor species of the Sea of Stars, occasionally mentioned but rarely encountered.  Though I will have to change that.

Inspired by the Morrigans in the Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary by Atlas Games but heavily adapted to the Sea of Stars.

Images: “Festival Of Fantasy – Raven” by MediumHero6, “Raven” by Jennifer C. and “Jeweled Raven Necklace” by Angela Hunt all are licensed under CC BY 2.0.


  1. nicely done.
    I know to stay clear of these ladies.
    Happy A to Zing!

    • Thank you. That would be wise.

      And best of luck to you as well.

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