Quicksilver for Pathfinder

14 April, 2012
Donate or I'll burn ya!

Quicksilver Dragon

Mike Nystul, Jeff Dee and Talzhemir Mrr are trying to bring the Quicksilver setting (which was released as its own game) to the Pathfinder rules via a Kickstarter.

Quicksilver is a magical material that can be easily shaped be those that know the right magics, so it is used for a variety of things and controlling supplies of it will make someone rich and powerful.  The worlds has some interesting takes on fantasy races and magic as well and I think this would be a great addition to the available worlds for Pathfinder.  Good take a look and consider signing up.

The art is a Quicksilver dragon by Jeff Dee from his Deviant Art account and used without permission.

Update: Obviously, this Kickstarter ended ages ago, but Quicksilver for Pathfinder is available through RPGNow for those interested.

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