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Otherplaces – Malibar, the Fish Trees of (A to Z Challenge, M)

13 April, 2012

Oh the fish trees of Malibar

Grow some fine minnows

You can hear them go bibble

Whenever the wind blows.

Sea going fish just cannot compare

There is nothing finer than fish of the air!

Apples have seeds and

Peaches have stones

But those Malibar fishes

Have got wooden bones.


Malibar fish is the finest around

They’ve never seen water –

They grow above ground!

They swim in the breezes

As sweet as you please

Those Mailbar fish are the fishes for me.

Grill them and eat them

Then use ‘em for combs

Those Mailbar fishes

Have got wooden bones!

the Fish Trees of Malibar

Even in a world of unusual things, the fish trees of Malibar stand out. Created, it is thought, by the titanic forces unleashed by the Sundering, these trees, with an iridescent back and scale shaped leaves grow ‘fruit’ of live fish. The fish from the fish trees are renown far and wide for both their unique taste and their wooden bones.

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