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Otherplaces – Qolis, Training Ground of (A to Z Challenge, Q)

17 April, 2012

“If you have come to learn the way of combat, there are few better places to learn,” said the old man, who carried himself straight despite a limp.  “While you are visiting you must stay to the areas marked with this symbol.”  He tapped a round metal medallion marked with crossed hands with his cane.

“Why, sir?” asked the guest.

“Let me show you,” he stepped off the path, past a disc marked with a sword, into a small grove of neatly tended trees.  He had gone no more than three steps when one of the trees thrust at him with a smooth sword like branch.  He parried with his cane and counter attacked, rapping the tree soundly which caused it to stop attacking.  He limped back to his guest.

“To learn to be a great warrior, you must always be ready to defend yourself.  The school believes that and expects it students to learn that very quickly.”

Training Ground of Qolis

The training ground and martial school of Qolis began as a mad dream by a group of venturers who had decided to retire before one of their expeditions went horribly wrong and killed them all.  But as venturers their marketable skills revolved around mass slaughter and organized mayhem, not always the most sought after of skills if they did not want to be run out of town on a rail.  But people always need combat training, noble, merchants or commoner, all needed the tools to defend themselves and that they could provide.

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