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Otherplaces – Triyania, Hungry Garden of (A to Z Challenge, T)

20 April, 2012

Sometimes, you may have heard it said, that evil takes root in the soil.  Here in Triyania, such has come to pass.  The eighth Baron was dark and twisted, after the death of his wife, his shadow darkened and cursed his children.  Together for over thirty years, they preyed upon, tortured and destroyed their people.  Those that were killed were minced and fed to the grounds to fertilize the beautiful flower gardens.

Red as BloodWhen the ninth Baron was killed by his wife and the aristocracy rose up to kill his siblings, only then was the terrible truth confirmed.  But by then, the garden had become, well it was already alive, but active.  Hungry and able to defend itself.  The first few attempts to cut it back ended disastrously.  The body of the last baron and his siblings were thrown to the garden in a fit of anger, the last sacrifice to their evil.  It has now been walled up.  But you can still look over the garden from the castle, it is beautiful, from a distance, its evil cannot be seen.

Hungry Garden of Triyania

From a distance, it seems like a lovely, if overgrown, ornamental garden if perhaps tending too much towards the red and purple range of flowers.  Surrounding the garden is a twenty foot (6.5m) wall with an uneven level of gravel extending between three and five feet (1-1.5m) into the garden at its base.   There are no gates or doors into the garden.

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