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Otherplaces – Nevrinheer, the Great Wall of (A to Z Challenge, N)

14 April, 2012

Normally, you would expect a wall, even one that runs for league, to follow the contours of the land and take advantage of streams and rivers in its defense.  The great wall of Nevrinheer does not, it runs in a vague arc, over hills and across streams, without adjusting to the terrain, it simply is, a long wall to keep out an enemy that long longer exists from a land that the builders of the wall no longer occupy.

the Great Wall of Nevrinheer

The wall goes on


The wall is surprisingly uniform, a seven foot (2m) deep  and ten foot (3m) wide trench, often overgrown, behind which is an eighteen foot (6m) turf wall, faced with stone and topped with a stone wall with crenelations.  The wall is fifteen feet (5m) thick at the base narrowing to ten feet (3m) at the top, which is laid with gravel and stone to make travel along it easier.  But there are no towers, forts or barracks attached to the wall.  It is just a wall, running the length of the land.  It is often used as a high road by those who live near to it.

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Quicksilver for Pathfinder

14 April, 2012
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Quicksilver Dragon

Mike Nystul, Jeff Dee and Talzhemir Mrr are trying to bring the Quicksilver setting (which was released as its own game) to the Pathfinder rules via a Kickstarter.

Quicksilver is a magical material that can be easily shaped be those that know the right magics, so it is used for a variety of things and controlling supplies of it will make someone rich and powerful.  The worlds has some interesting takes on fantasy races and magic as well and I think this would be a great addition to the available worlds for Pathfinder.  Good take a look and consider signing up.

The art is a Quicksilver dragon by Jeff Dee from his Deviant Art account and used without permission.

Update: Obviously, this Kickstarter ended ages ago, but Quicksilver for Pathfinder is available through RPGNow for those interested.

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