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Otherplaces – A’reanol, Library of (A to Z Challenge, A)

1 April, 2012

The Library of A’reanol

The City is Dead

Dusty Street

Rising among the dry ruins of the city of A’reanol is the vast complex, seemingly untouched, of the library. The city, once a vibrant port of call and center of trade, died in stages as the river that fed it and the ocean both receded and wasted away.  The nobles and scholars, magicians and priestesses all tried to bring the waters back but year by year, the city dried and people fled.  After a decade, even the deep wells stopped giving water.

The scholars and magi of the library refused to leave and refused to let the library be moved, sold or dispersed.  After a group of nobles attempted to force their way in and steal some of the most valuable of the works, the library barricaded and sealed itself off.  As the city faltered and water became scarce, the library faced raids, thieves and riots.  Every assault was turned back, though not every thief, and the library increased its defenses.   Wards and traps, magical and physical, surrounded the library by the time the city was abandoned.  Now, only the library survives intact among the ruins. Read the rest of this entry ?

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