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Otherplaces – Lazitan, Spire of (A to Z Challenge, L)

12 April, 2012

You can see it for miles out of town, a nearly ethereal tower rising toward the clouds.  It glows with a opalescent glow when the sunlight touches it.  As you come closer, your can see how it dominates the small town scattered around its base like pine cones around a tree trunk.

Spire of Lazitan

It is said that the spire started as a ‘seed’ the size of a tree and grew from there, reaching it present size a century and a half later.  It may still be growing still but, if so, it is barely perceptible.  The Spire twists like a narrow fusinus shell and raises far above the roofs of the town around it, it is made of a tough shell like material, that is opalescent in direct sun or moon light yet, dim and shadowy without such direct light, almost vanishing against a moonless sky.

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