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Otherplaces – Crystal Spiral (A to Z Challenge, C)

3 April, 2012

No one could now say of it was natural or created, but the ever closing spiral of crystal shards definitely had a purpose.

Crystal Spiral

Piece of the Crystal


They start subtly, just a few crystals emerging from the ground, as one moves further in the spiral the crystals reach higher and higher until the walls of crystal tower over any mortal.  The crystal are very strong and very difficult to damage, shattering a piece off will generate a brief storm of energy, usually electrical, that will center on the place damaged and echo down the line of crystals in both directions.  The crystal shards shattered off from the spiral are very sharp and surprisingly brittle given the strength of the whole crystal.

The outer crystal is transparent moving deeper inside, it become more opaque with occasional pale colors from throughout the spectrum, some forming patterns within the crystals.  There is a pattern to the colors, their mix and angles, that reveals what that particular crystal is aligned to.  These alignments change, enhance, warp or even cancel certain types of magic near to them.  Shards of those crystals share those alignments but they crack and disintegrate once away from their home crystal.  These areas of shifting magical effects extend upward as well, so using magic to fly over the spiral, or to transit within it, is extremely dangerous. Read the rest of this entry ?


New Magic Item – Casting Bones

3 April, 2012

The marketplace soothsayer chanted and cast the bone sticks, he knelt to carefully study the pattern revealed.  “The cold wind comes from the east, the stars will be hidden tonight, caution must be observed.”  He looked to his patron.  “If you travel today, stop to camp early and keep careful watch.”

Casting Bones

These carved bone divination sticks are imbued with the resonance of the higher powers and when combined with the right magics, provide a more accurate look into the future.

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