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Otherplaces – Elvanian Stairs, the (A to Z Challenge, E)

5 April, 2012

Cut into the rock of the cliff is a stairway, halfway up it changes course and cuts into the cliff, always heading up at a precise angle.  Though the stairs have been here for as long as anyone can remember, they show no sign of wear or weather.  The climb up is long and arduous, but it can be done in a day, indeed it is said it must be done in a day, for it is said those caught on the stair when night falls are stolen away into the underworld.  That may or may not be true, but anyone there at nightfall is not there when the sun rises the next morning.

the Elvanian Stairs

The cliffs are high, insanely so, some might say, dividing the lands like a massive wall.  The only place to transit the cliff face for weeks of travel in either direction are the stairs. The stairs have become an important route for high priority travel, but only for that as it is too dangerous for casual travel.

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