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Otherplaces – Ul’Ulasian, Dancing Sands of (A to Z Challenge, U)

21 April, 2012

Where the winds blow sweetly and the sand sigh in harmony, there you will see and hear the most wonderful things.  Dancers that skill and beauty defy the imaginations of mortals.  But do not join the dances, for if you do, you may join the dancers forever and never return.

Dancing Sands of Ul’Ulasian

In an area between three oasis, a area frequented by the caravans that travel across the burning sands of the desert is a place, never quite in the same place twice making it impossible to deliberately avoid, where the sands are laced with crystals.  During the day the winds blow the crystals into pleasing patterns that flash and dance in the sun.  Occasional faint musical chiming can be heard, if one stops to watch, the chiming continues and intensifies and the patterns begin to solidify into dancing forms, beautiful humanoids, matching the viewers ideals of beauty, skilled and flexible.

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