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Otherplaces – Seralla, Cycling Storm of (A to Z Challenge, S)

19 April, 2012

If there is one thing that Seralla does not lack for, it is rain.  You can set your clock to the cycle of rainfall in Seralla, light rain from mid-morning on, torrential rain from four to six in the afternoon -with lightning and hail every third day- dropping to light rain until nine at night.  Then the cycle begins again the next day.

Cycling  Storm of Seralla

Weather in most places is changing and unpredictable, but in and around the Barony of Seralla, weather is their clock.  It set the pace for everything done in and around the barony.  The building are all built with solid and steep roofs, rain run off is gathered in cisterns and reservoirs and used to power waterwheels for a variety of uses.

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