Bathathar Blackruby, Astrologer (A to Z)

2 April, 2021

They know the TruthAstronomy has a odd place among the dwaven clans, as they spend much of their time underground, many of them do not see the stars as often as many of the other peoples of the Sea of Stars.  But many dwarven holds are well situated to observe the stars when people choose to do so.  That is to say, ultimately they are as prone to interest, or disinterest, in astrology as all the other peoples.

Bathathar Blackruby, Dwarven Astrology

Quote: You were born under the Summer stars, yes?  The Stag rising?

The stars know the Truth but getting them to share it, that is the challenge..

Description: Bathathar is solidly built and just a bit overweight, his hair and eyes are a red so dark it seems black until the light hits it.  He wears his hair shoulder length and tied back, his beard falls to his mid chest in two braids decorated with fine silver chains and crystal stars.  His ages is starting to show in lines around his eyes but he remains fits and active.  His voice is deep and rarely loud.

Bathathar prefers to wear robes that indicate his status, black and decorated with the constellations (in silver or gold for formal wear), usually lined as stargazing on the top of mountains is a chilly business.  His preference is for sheep skin boots.  Except for his chain and ring of office, as Clan Astrology to the Ruby Dwarves, he only wears jewelry on formal occasions.  He always has a telescope of some type close to hand however.

Background: Bathathar was born to a family of crafters, practical people who made things and did not bother others.  He followed in that path learning skills from his family, never being a bother.  Until one night he was dared by his friends to go to the high point in the mountain and look out and night hoping to catch sight of the Moon.  He never saw the Moon, not that night in any case, but the light from the stars captivated him and he did not return until after reveal, his mind full of the beauty of the celestial heavens.

To the surprise, and possible disappointment, of his family, Bathathar throw himself into learning about the stars and astronomy finally managing to become apprenticed to the Clan’s chief astrologer and, eventually, taking their post when they rtired.  One of the reason for his success was that Bathathar is devoted to his work, politics have no interest to him, and he does not bend his charts and reading to favor one side or the other, all factions accept him as an apolitical figure.

Presenting this Character: Bathathar is focused on his work, nothing make him happier than observing the stars and then making note about what he has observed.  Some of those who deal with him consider him obsessed, he would agree that he is enchanted by the magic of the stars.  Except for astronomy, he is direct and practical, maintaining himself and his household in good order with little extra beyond what he needs for his study of the stars.  When not talking alchemy, he is laconic, but the star, the stars he can talk about for hours, days even.

Bathathar corresponds with other astronomers across the Sea of Stars, always seeking to learn and understand more.  When he was young he traveled to other observatories and high places to see the heavens from news angles but he rarely gets to travel these days.

What can he do?: Bathathar is one of the most knowledgeable dwarves in the art and practice of astronomy among the clans, this gives him access to certain forms of divinitory magic though he rarely demonstrates such unless the need is great, most of it being bent to his work.  His mastery of the practical side of the art, designing tools and making charts, is also high and his work in is great demand when he lets it out into the world.

While he is apolitical, he has a solid understanding of the politics of the Ruby Clan as he is asked for advice and omens on so many things.  He is very laconic about such matters and one would have to find a way to tie such a discussion to his interests to manage to learn anything useful.

Who might know him and why: Bathathar is known of by all in the Ruby Clan, he, or his assistants, draw up astrological charts for all newborn children in the clanhold.  Those with an interest in astrology or who build his tools, may know him better than most.

He is a wide correspondent and happy to exchange information with anyone else who shows a love of the stars.  Equally, his crosses the path of the upper echelons of the Ruby Clan who seek his personal attention to their astrological readings.

Plot Hooks: You witnesses an interesting celestial event, you have been told that a dwarven astrologer will pay for information of such events.

You have found a fragment of an astrological chart, it could be an important clue, if the rest of it can be found or reconstructed.  It seems to have been made by one of the ruby dwarves, perhaps they can help?

You have been cursed with ill-fortunes, it seems to do with your horoscope?!  There is a ruby dwarf who knows much about such things and is intrigued by unusual astrological problems, maybe he can help and will not charge too much for his aid.

Notes: And so the A to Z Challenge continues.  I wrote about astrologers in the Sea of Stars yesterday.

Photo “Starburst Cluster Shows Celestial Fireworks” by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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