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Astrologers in the Sea of Stars (A to Z)

1 April, 2021

Look to the starsThe Sea of Stars is an astrologers’ paradise (or, perhaps, nightmare) as below the floating islands there are stars and, once the Sun is out of the sky, there are stars everywhere at night.  So many in fact that on a cloudless night it is a bright as a full Moon (which there never is these days in the Sea of Stars, but that removes at least one variable for horoscopes, usually).

Because the stars are so omnipresent in the Sea of Stars they are vested with power and insight they may or may not have.  Even those of lowly birth know under what sign they were born under and many know their complete horoscope with influences of other stars and signs, comets and sighting.  While not all are true believers in the fortunes told by astronomy, few dismiss it entirely out of hand, for some people it serves as an infallible guide and for others as a warning.  Even the casual believers are willing to wait a day to start a journey under auspicious stars or to arrange that major events fall on dates judged to likely to bring success.

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