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Tuesday Magic Item – Quizzing Glass of Quizzicalness (A to Z)

20 April, 2021

Watching you, quizzing youVoddick finished cleaning his cosh.  “For ruffians they were not willing to put up much of a fight.”

“I suspect they were hired to put a scare into us and were not expecting us to fight back,” said Gollan.

“Our charge was more competent than I expected with that cane they carry,” said Voddick.

“Yes, between the three of us, we gave them a solid beating.”

“Indeed,” said Voddick, “but we must be more careful from now on.  The next group will be more serious, and more dangerous, when it comes to turning our client from their path.”

Quizzing Glass of Quizzicalness

These are quizzing glasses, a lens on a handle, some are magnifying lenses, other corrective, and the handles range from simple to extravagant.  They are often worn on a chain or ribbon around the neck.  While useful for investigation they also have their place as social tools.

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