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Lovers and the Lovelorn in the Sea of Stars (A to Z)

14 April, 2021

Who is it from?While some would argue that in the Sea of Stars the driving aspect of most is power, plain and simple, but even if that is true it does not stop love from existing and, for some, being the most important thing in the world.  Naturally, the goddess and gods of love, romance and lust are all long gone so there is no higher power to appeal to in the pursuit of love, just like around here, they just have themselves and their family and friends to ask for help and advice (and what a sad state of affair that is).

Many dragons would deny that love is an emotion dragons feel or a concept they appreciate, others know that is not true (but are not foolish enough to argue with the dragon who deny it).  There is an underground market for dragon-focused love stories, especially among the Visse, but they are always keep hidden well away from the dragons and their scions.  The dragons and their kine like to think that they are the only master of their hearts and would, and do, scoff at the idea that they could just fall in love with someone and not have control over.  Love is totally unlike greed, greed is good, greed is the core of the draconic nature and entirely an acceptable emotion for a dragons . . . unlike love.

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