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Xenophillia and Xenoeros in the Sea of Stars (A to Z)

28 April, 2021

Visiting a friendWhile love is sometimes a factor in relationships between people, friendship and desire are also both motivating factors in interactions between beings.  Indeed, they are likely to be more common that love in most place and for most people.

As a general rule, the peoples of the Sea of Stars are fairly accepting of outsiders and willing to treat them based on how they present themselves.  They are not trusting fools, but change is one of the few constants in the Sea of Stars and most people have learned that it pays to be welcoming of knowledge and adaptable to shifts in the way things are.  Friendships built with travelers provide news and information along with the greater chance of more travelers, with more news. and occasionally even new members of the community if one of the travelers settles down.

While long distance communication (that is anything more that fifty miles/eighty kilometers away) is difficult, it is not impossible and the major cities have relative;y strong courier and mail systems in place and writers from far distant location carry on a lively, if slow, correspondence.  Chains of friendships and networks of communication spring up and often outlast their founding members.  If you can get an Imperial courier to carry your message, you are almost guaranteed that your missive will arrive at its destination.

Friendships ranging across and between kin and kine lines is common, especially among merchants, sailors, travelers and venturers who come from all walks of life, all places across the Sea of Stars and from all kine.  Such friendships often lead to such groups settling in the same area, usually the home regions of one of the people, when they retire from active work.  This leads to such things as dwarves in coastal towns, dogmen living in dwarven holds and visse just about everywhere.

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