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Fate and Fortune Tellers in the Sea of Stars (A to Z)

7 April, 2021

Do you believe?When the Dragon Empress victoriously concluded the Gods War, it left much of the world in shock, to be further shaken by the Sundering.  The primary things that baffled the surviving diviners, fortune tellers and prophets, no one had predicted this.  No one, not one single prophecy, astrological chart, casting of the bones, they had all been silent.  If the world was to end, it should have been a titanic clash of the forces of the heavens above and the the denizens of the underworld. there were dozens, thousands of prophecies predicting various final conflicts, now permanently postponed.  But not a single one, not a snipped or a clue pointing to the Gods War and the creation of Dragonrule.

Needless to say, those prophets not wiped out in the generalize purge of the faithful found themselves . . . unwanted.  Those few that survived their disappointed followers fled to distant places where they were not known and of those, some happily vanished into obscurity but a few trying to work out why none of this was foreseen or foretold.  In the aftermath, many old writing were read and analyzed and reread and looked at from new angles and a few of them, maybe if you squinted just right could, obliquely be referring to the dragons, maybe.  But it did not restore much confidence in the old prophecies.

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