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Hellions and the Hellborn in the Sea of Stars (A to Z)

9 April, 2021

First, the demon must be capturedWhile visitors from the lower realms are rare, they are far from unknown in the Sea of Stars, and once here, they try to stay as the process of summoning them is risky (and the return journey is unpleasant).  Some manage to inveigle their way into staying even if such come with various sorts of bindings, there is always a way to escape given time and they have all the time in the world.

The very presence of these diabolic beings causes a low level of corruption in the living creatures nearby which over generations can lead to the creation of creatures -and even plants- with fiendish natures and, with enough time, Hellions may be born.  Those likely to give birth to Hellions are generally live in cultures inured to such diabolic expressions, but as the spiritual corruption may lay dormant for generations before it expresses itself in flesh, sometimes Hellions are born to those who have no expectation of such a child, this often ends poorly for all involved.  Though there are some . . . specialists who seek out Hellion children to be raised where their unique talents can be put to use.

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