Chefs and Cooks in the Sea of Stars (A to Z)

3 April, 2021

Eat up!The Sea of Stars is huge and their are an amazing variety of edible plants, fruits, vegetables, nuts, animals, and even more unusual things.  Many of which had not existed before the Sundering which released magic that fractured and changed things creating such foods as bluewheat, silver apples and giant green beans.

As is always true, local diets and cuisine adapted to the changes and adopted foods that were new and exotic only a generation ago to become regional staples.  Not that foods and cuisine were anything near unified before the Sundering but they became even more divergent after.

Some formerly common foods have become scare and rare, others once rare have become more common causing the rearrangement of foods used for celebrations and in festivals.  As an example, the golden rye that was once used for funeral bread in Taren Kost has been replaced with dark rye as the major fields of golden rye fell into the space between the islands during the Sundering and it has proved impossible to grow more than minimal amounts for reasons not entirely understood.  Another, the City of Lovish, once a port city on the Azure Sea, sufferer greatly as the Azure Sea drained away after the Sundering, sea fish, once common, has become a food reserved for celebrating important life events such as coming of age ceremonies, marriages and such as it much be preserved and shipping in from areas many weeks away.

Among the courts of royals, nobles and the Draconic Houses, there is a competition to present rarer and more exotic food at banquets and feasts is intense.  Chefs and cooks with the skill and knowledge to safely and successfully cook and present such meals are much in demand, subject to bidding wars and less savory forms of enticement.  Naturally there is money and status to being such a chef or cook, and there is considerable competition to become apprenticed to the most successful of them.

Equally there is money to be made tracking down exotic ingredients and working out how to safely transport them to the kitchens and pantries across the Sea of Stars.  Experienced merchants, travelers and venturers often acquire foods unique to an area that seem that they will keep and travel well as a supplemental source of income.  If the food become popular, they can either built their own trade route or sell the knowledge of the foods source to others.

Among cooks, the Visse Sugarfoot Clan is widely known for their skill as bakers and cooks, while few make it to the highest levels of the cooking profession but they are found running shops and assisting greater chief across the Sea of Stars.  They are good friends to have, having connections near and far, as well knowledge of trade routes.

Notes: The Sugarfoot Clan is my default name for my Halfling characters when I play D&D (Venviki Sugarfoot being the first character I played of such name.) and they have inspired several magic items such as Mother Sugarfoot;s Infinite Sandwich Knife and several others which can be found among the pages here.

Photo “Made a medieval feast! 3 pies in the oven, starter main and sweet what a treat.” by Mycatkins is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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