Tuesday Magic Item – Troyl Spear

17 March, 2015

Spear danceWith a backflip, the lightly dressed warrior dodged a blow from the hulking brute to the cheers of the crowd. The ribbons on his spear fluttering and snapping.

Then using the spear to vault forward, the warrior dashed behind his foe.   As his foe tried to spin to face him, a killing thrust drove through the larger fighter’s back.  The brute staggered and fell, with dramatic slowness, to the ground.

“Told you,” said Golloan.

“Your eye for the winner is remarkable,” Voddick said glumly.  “I should have bet more on the spearman.”

“I always bet on style over strength.”

Troyl Spear

These spears are beautifully crafted, a masterpiece of the weapon makers art.  The spear head is decorated, usually with inlay precious metal, and the shaft will be carved or inlaid and ribbons or other decorations are common.  They feel light and are easy to maneuver but still hit with great force.

The Troyl Spear is a +2 long spear that gives it wielder a +5 enhancement bonus to Acrobatic checks while wielding the spear.  When used as part of a charge or an acrobatic maneuver, the wielder gains a +5 enhancement bonus to ground movement and the spear gains the Keen special ability.

The Troyl Spear is always ready to leap into action, if it is in hand when Initiative is rolled, the wielder gains a +4 bonus to Initiative.  A wielder of a Troyl Spear should live for the dance of combat, whenever the wielder gains bonuses from Bardic Performance, the bonus is increased by one.

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 20,359 (or more depending on the decoration); Weight 9 lbs
Construction Requirements
Craft Magical Arms and Armor, haste, heroism, keen edge; Cost 10,000 + 309 for the long spear + at least 50 for decoration

Notes: Something a little Celtic for Saint Patrick’s Day.  Troyl is now a dance, but it also means in Cornish”to twist, twirl, whirl, spin round” which seemed like a fun place to build a weapon from.  Find a D&D5 version here.

Photograph of Ruth St. Denis in The Book of Dance from Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.


  1. This is great! Makes me want to build a character around it. Would work better in Pathfinder/3.5e than it would in 5e.

    • And a D&D5 version appears! You could make a Spear-dancer martial archetype (for fighters) or a monk style for D&D5 to really take advantage of this sort of weapon.

  2. Do you want to know one of my biggest 3.X complaints? Monks aren’t proficient with longspears 😦

    A really cool weapon; I like the imagery it invokes. Definitely my preferred approach to melee – style.

    • I did not realize that. Very strange. Glad you like the Troyl Spear though!

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