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Review: The Monster Hide series by Asparagus Jumpsuit

14 March, 2015

The Monster Hide series by Asparagus Jumpsuit, which means by Berin Kinsman, provide pre-generated monster statblocks for Pathfinder and, as the subtitle “classic monsters reskinned” implies, presents a new take on the role of each these humanoids in a campaign world.

The basic structure of all of the Monster Hide books is the same: cover, 1-page introduction to why Kinsman wrote the series and some background on Asparagus Jumpsuit, then a discussion on how the races fits into the Desteon campaign, Kinsman’s campaign world, and how they vary from the norm and suggestions for their use in a campaign.  Next is the core of the product, a set of five statblocks with the interesting parts all hyperlinked to the appropriate parts of the d20PFSRD.  Each ends with a copy of the OGL as you would expect.  There are a smattering of errors scattered through the works but nothing that cannot be easily sorted.

Bugbear Hide, (Fuzzy) Goblins Reskinned, these bugbears are swamp-dwelling tricksters and friends of bears.  It is a good role for them and the bugbears here are quite fun,  the bugbear cubs, who operate in adventurous packs, and the champion who is a mistress of traps and misdirection, look especially useful. Read the rest of this entry ?

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