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Campaign Pitch – Rokugan SRIU (L5R RPG)

21 March, 2015

A potential short campaign I am seeing if people are interested in.  Using a variant of my campaign statblock.

Rokugan – Special Road Investigation Unit

On the road againYou have . . . made mistakes.  Fallen now from your once noble place in the Celestial Order.  There is a flaw in your characters, one you could not overcome before but you will, this time.  You must.  Someone in your Clan has decided that your are worthy of one last chance, but only one.  If you fail here, you will have to shave your head, walk Exile’s Road or perform the three cuts.  This is your final chance to redeem yourself.  Will you?  Can you?

You are now under the authority of an Imperial Magistrate, Doji Akira, the infamous Cat.  Who know what favors were exchanged for your post as his yoriki?  You must serve and serve well, the alternative is unthinkable.

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