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Tuesday Magic Item – Leading Spear (weapon special ability) for Pathfinder and D&D5

10 March, 2015

Pointy end towards enemyThe soldier on the wall barely had time to cry out before before four more spears pierced him and he toppled back into the courtyard.

The alarm bell rang out and shouts of “Close the gates!” echoed.

“So much for a nice quiet post,” said Golloan, putting on a helmet and readying his sword.

“We had a quiet few days at least and the food was acceptable,” shrugged Voddick picking up his shield.

“As long as you like salt pork and mash,” muttered Golloan.

Leading (weapon special ability)

This weapon ability can be applied to any thrown weapon or ammunition.  It is a single use ability and discharges if the attack hits or not.  Weapons with this enchantment are usually decorated in a colorful manner, often with ribbons or streamers.

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