Magic Item – Troyl Spear (D&D5 version)

18 March, 2015

Spear danceThe Spear-dancers of Xekellea are small in number but heroes to their community as they act as protectors against bandits and tyrannical rulers both.  Usually trained by an experienced Spear-dancer, their styles tend to be personal and eccentric, shaped by the music, training and rival combatants they have experienced.

Only a lucky view of the Spear-dancer have acquired a Troyl Spear and those that have are among the most skilled -and dangerous- of their number.

Troyl Spear

These spears are beautifully crafted, a masterpiece of the weapon makers art.  The spear head is decorated, usually with inlay precious metal, and the shaft will be carved or inlaid and ribbons or other decorations are common.  They feel light and are easy to maneuver but still hit with great force.

The wielder of a Troyl Spear gains +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it and they gain advantage on Acrobatic checks.  When used as part of a charge or an acrobatic maneuver, the wielder gains a +5 enhancement bonus to ground movement and the spear’s attack roll is considered to be one higher for determining if it is a critical.

The Troyl Spear is always ready to leap into action, if it is in hand when Initiative is rolled, the wielder gains advantage on Initiative rolls.  A wielder of a Troyl Spear should live for the dance of combat, whenever the wielder gains Bardic Inspiration, the bonus die is increased by one size (D12 becomes a D6+D8).

 Weapon (Spear), rare (requires attunement)

Notes: Find the Pathfinder version here.  I need to practice with the new D&D system more, so here you go.  I am envisioning the Spear-dancers as Wu-shu Heroes, wandering the land, getting into fights and helping people.

Photograph of Ruth St. Denis in The Book of Dance from Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.


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