Jeweled Birds – Plot Seeds (Eggs?)

23 October, 2010

There are four types of jeweled bird, one aligned to each element: Diamond Eagle with air, Emerald Owl with earth, Ruby Hawk with fire and the Sapphire Falcon with water.  The origin of the jeweled birds is unknown but it is rumored that they escaped from the garden of one of the gods in ages past.

Their eggs are highly sought after, even the infertile ones are valuable gems useful in many magical operations.  Fertile eggs and chicks are worth even more.


  • The master falconer of a kingdom needs the egg or chick of a jeweled bird to raise and train as a gift for the crown prince, so that he will be able to keep his post when the crown prince becomes king.  However, his rival has gotten wind of his plans and intends to steal the bird when the venturers bring it to the master falconer.
  • The high priest of an elemental cult needs one egg from each jeweled bird for a vital ritual.  If it is not completed, and until it is, the elements in the local area will be out of balance, causing magic to act oddly.
  • The wizard-chief need one of each of the eggs from all four of the jeweled birds as the final ingredients of his souffle of immortality.  Or for an omelet to cure the queens infertility.  Or for a potion that will provide protection from all of the elements.
  • An elven archer and fletcher is seeking fragments of jeweled bird shell and feathers with which to make elemental enchanted arrow.
  • A noble is looking for live jewel birds to make his mystical menagerie the most spectacular in the land.
  • Feathers from a jeweled bird is need to inscribe scrolls, the catch being the feather must come from a bird that is still living.

What ideas do you have for the jeweled birds?

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