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Happy All Hallows! With a look back over October and towards November

31 October, 2010

My best wishes to all on this All Hallow’s Day and Eve.  It is truly the gamers best holiday, so have fun!

October was a busy month, most full of monsters!


Game Theory – Adventurers at Celebrities?, another look at how adventurers might fit into a campaign world.

Through the Lens of History 15 – Latrones, Bandits in the Roman Republic and Empire.

Variant Heal Skill Use for Pathfinder.

New Monsters:

Aspect of Autumn, a template for those tied to the Fey Court of Autumn.

The Four Elemental Jeweled Birds: Diamond Eagle, Emerald Owl, Ruby Hawk and Sapphire Falcon.  With a set of plot seeds for them.

Fear Fragment, minor undead that feed on fear.

Hakkakukei, an obsidian clad killer for Legend of the Five Rings and the Octagon for Pathfinder.

Smilin’ Jack, a haunt of a killer who has returned to kill again.

StagWolf, a chemeric and dangerous hunter.

New Magic Items:

Cavalryman’s Half-plate, to keep both rider and mount safe.

Mother Sugarfoot’s Infinite Sandwich Knife, good for stretching food.

Mountaineer’s War Pick, climb and conquer your enemies.

Physician’s Case, to help those who treat the wounded.

Campaign Reports:

L5R JYTB Campaign Reports: Episodes: Episode 20 – Darkness and Jade, Episode 21 – New Duties, and Episode 22 – Arrival at Samuzora.

The Legend of the Jade Legion, part of the background to the JYTB campaign.

Secrets of Taren Kost – Interlude 2: Lost Hawks, Bones and Ghosts.


Fencing and Firearms (for Pathfinder).

Genius Guide to: Air Magic.


Wandering the Web [6], interesting things found across the web.

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