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New Monster – Smilin’ Jack

29 October, 2010

Smilin’ Jack
Smilin’ Jack
Watch out for Smilin’ Jack
He’ll cut your throat
or stab you in the back
-Traditional children’s rhyme in Iphos

The legends of Smilin’ Jack are confused at best, he may have been a pirate, a drunkard, an adventurer or even a spurned lover or any or all them.  What seems to be true is that he was found with his throat cut and buried in a pauper’s grave from which he clawed his way out of six days later.  Since then, he has preyed on high and low, favoring a cut throat as the way to dispatch his victim.

Iphosa Legends by Jokalin Rose of the University of Iphos

Smilin’ Jack                                                  CR 6 (2,400 XP) Read the rest of this entry ?

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