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New Products, Free Stuff and a Contest

13 October, 2010

Headless Hydra Games have just released Eldritch Secret, Vol 1, a project that I contributed to and worked on.  Filled with new spells, a few monsters and many other fun things.

Rite Publishing is offering  get a free copy of the Wyrd of Questhaven until 22 Oct to promote its patronage project of Questhaven!

And it is not too late to enter Troll in the Corner‘s International D&D contest (open until 18 Oct).  Go and win yourself some 4th edition D&D goodness.



My Rokugan – The History of the Jade Legion

13 October, 2010

As related by Seppun Keikyoku to the Imperial Court:

The Jade Legion was founded in the early days of Empire, when jade, a blessing from the heavens was plentiful and common. Beginning simply as brave samurai armed with weapons of jade and protected by armor reinforced with jade.  The need of the Legion and the Empire for such lead to a flourishing of technique for jade working, many of which we still used today.

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