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New Magic Item – Conjure Cat Ring

8 August, 2018

Cat RingVoddick and Gollaon chased after the masked thief and for a moment, they seemed to be cornered but then, with a wink and a grin, the thief threw open the window and leapt out.

“It is over eighty feet to the ground!” shouted Voddick running to the window.

“They have tricks,” said Gollaon a split second behind, looking down to see the thief running across the courtyard.  Gollaon sighed and waved.  “We will not catch them now.”


“Now how to convince the Doge that the thief escaping was not our fault.”

Conjure Cat Ring

These rings are usually broad and decorated with nine cats, sometimes the cats are obvious, in other designs they are hidden and yet others mix the two styles. Read the rest of this entry ?

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