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Tuesday Magic Item – Alamarian Dulcimer’s Ring

28 August, 2018

A ring of music

Voddick sipped at his spiced ale.  “I hear that Evard’s Black Orchastra is playing tomorrow.”

“That is the band of Alamarian Dulicmer’s children, yes?” asked Gollaon.

“Yes,” nodded Voddick, “they are all adults, it is no children’s chorus.”

“I met Dulcimer’s once.”

“Yes?  I would think you would get along.”

“Well, he had even more of a roving heart than me,” replied Voddick with a grin.  “It was a pleasure to watch a master at work.”

Alamarian Dulcimer’s Ring

These rings are silver and decorated with musical symbology, dropped on a hard surface, it chimes musically (and for much longer than it should).  Some, many, have dedications as they were given as gifts.

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