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Tuesday Magic Item – Virtue Mask

14 August, 2018

The MaskVoddick fumbled for his purse and dug out several coins and dropped them in the bowl held by the masked figure who, it must be said, presented more as a warrior than a mendicant.  Gollaon fished a coin out from somewhere and dropped it in the bowl.

Once they were safely out of earshot Voddick said, “I respect and pity those who have chosen that past.  it is not the nature of my people to turn their backs on the past.”

“Even for a good cause?” asked Gollaon.

“Especially for a good cause.  How could it be good if your family and ancestors did not approve?”

Virtue Mask

These masks are of simple construction, usually painted wood with eye holes, the front of the mask is painted white (or rarely another pale color) and marked with a rune, sigil or word indicating the virtue it embodies.  The interior of the mask is often scribed with advice or prayers that no one other the wearer would see and then only before donning the mask.  One does not don a virtue mask lightly, to do so is to accept the demands of the virtue inscribed over one’s own desires and drives.

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