Catfolk of Felix Talis (A to Z Challenge, C)

3 April, 2015

Catfolk of Felix Talis

Something like thatThe Catfolk of Felix Talis were just normal cats before the Sundering.  The backlash from the sundering killed all of the humans who lived in and around Felix Talis and in the week that followed, the cats of the town ascended up the evolutionary ladder to become almost fully human themselves.

By the time the new Dragon satrap arrived in Felix Talis, the Catfolk had seamlessly slipped into their roles as citizens of the city.  The dragons found the Catfolk very much to their liking and since then Catfolk travelers, merchants and adventurers have flowed outward from Felix Talis ever since.

Personality: The Catfolk of Felix Talis are sensual and passionate, retaining much of the nature of their ancestors.  They are also known as having a hedonistic streak and “acting as a Catfolk” is a common synonym for overindulgence.  Like the cats they evolved from, they are self centered and independent but also very loyal to those they have given their friendship to.

Physical Description: Catfolk are about the same average height as humans, averaging five foot, eight inches (172.5cm) in height and of a lithe, slender build.  Their body is covered in a close, light fur that covers their entire body.  Catfolk of Felix Talis have hard, sharp nails but they are not strong enough to use them as effective weapons.  The Catfolk of Felix Talis are born with tails which gives them an exceptional ability to balance.

Their eyes are large, almond-shaped and crosslitted.  Their ears are larger than a human’s and are distinctly catlike.  Catfolk have thin lips and their teeth are very white (and sharp).

Relations: Catfolk of Felix Talis are usually viewed as a pleasant oddity by non-catfolk.  The Catfolk try not to offend anyone, but they do not always succeed.  Felix Talis is well protected by its draconic patron and gives the Catfolk a (relative) safe home.

Alignment: Catfolk tend to be self-centered and self-concerned, occasionally obnoxiously so.  But they are good and firm allies to those they call their friends and bitter foes to those they name as enemies.

Lands of the Catfolk of Felix Talis: The Catfolk of Felix Talis control Felix Talis and the island around it.

Religion: The Catfolk of Felix Talis love of beauty and physical pleasure usually leads them to following various philosophies, many are Wayists, some follow the school of Dominance, though most are dilettantes when it comes to faith.

Language: The Catfolk speak their own variant of the Imperial Tongue.

Names: Catfolk choose their own name upon coming of age and they are known for their wide variety of names, often being known by their nickname rather than their true name.

Adventurers: The Catfolk are often professional travelers and adventurers, selling their skills to the highest bidder.  While not common, Catfolk are renown in the Sea of Stars for their skills as entertainers, rouges and swashbucklers.

Catfolk Traits
•    +2 Dexterity,-2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma: the Catfolk of Felix Talis are beautiful and quick, but they are slender and tend to be overly curious and prone to a dangerous self-gratifying streak.
•    Medium-sized: As medium-sized creatures Catfolk suffer no bonuses or penalties due to size.
•    Catfolk base speed is 30 feet.
•    Animal Ancestry: due to their unusual heritage, all Catfolk are affected by spells that target animals.  However, they do receive a +4 circumstance bonus to resist such spells.
•    Cat’s Eyes (Low-light Vision): Catfolk of Felix Talis can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination.  They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
•    Hedonistic: A Catfolk can resist anything except temptation and receives a -1 racial penalty to any save or check against anything that plays to their desires.
•    Land on their Feet: Catfolk gain a +2 racial bonus to checks to reduce damage from falls, as they share their ancestors ability.
•    Quiet as Night: the Catfolk are born to stalk prey and gain +2 racial bonus on Stealth checks.
•    Sensitive: Catfolk’s senses are fragile and vulnerable to overloading, they suffer a -1 racial penalty on saves against sonic attacks, inhaled poisons or foul stenches.
•    Read Mood: Catfolk of Felix Talis are extremely good at picking up non-verbal clues and emotional states gains a +2 racial bonus on Sense Motive checks.
•    Sharp Senses: Catfolk gains a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.
•    Tail: Catfolk can use their tail as a counterbalance and gain +2 racial bonus to check relating to balancing, this bonus is lost if their tail cannot move freely or has been removed.
•    Automatic Languages: Imperial Tongue (Felix Talis dialect).

Notes: So, I like Catfolk, but I do not like how they are usually written up with natural weapons and such.  These are more Puss-n-Boots tricksters and venturers, using their wits, acrobatics and a sharp sword to keep ahead of trouble.  For an example of how I envision them in play, Tarrian.

Image from Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.


  1. Very interesting. Good luck with the rest of the challenge.

  2. YES!!
    My youngest son is trying to get a gaming group together for my older son to run. Well one of his friends wants to play a cat-person!

    Since I feel that you should say yes more than no in games, this is perfect.


    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
    2015 A to Z of Adventure!

    • Glad to be of help. Let me know how it works out.

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