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Edge of the World (A to Z Challenge, E)

6 April, 2015

Edge of the World

While the Sea of Stars is large, almost unimaginably so, it is not in fact infinite and if you travel far enough in one direction the islands start becoming fewer and fewer with more distance between them until finally there is nothing but space as far as can be seen.

Flotsum and jetsom on the edge of the worldThese outer lands and islands are home to many strange things, as they lie so far from the heart of the Imperium while they are all technically owned by some Draconic House or Dragon as their personal property, many are neglected or even actively ignored by their owners.  Some rulers have contracted rule out to distant cousins or tax farmers rather than trouble with it themselves.  Pirates, criminals, venturers, revolutionaries and cultists flow outward into these sparsely watched regions to avoid the watchful eyes of the dragons and in search of wealth and lost magic and forbidden knowledge.  It is said that forgotten temples, missing castles and the hidden laboratories of wizards who perished in the sundering are waiting to be discovered . . . and looted.

Odd and dangerous things hide and lurk in the distant isles: the last of the giants, creatures from the dark between the stars, beings summoned by obscure magics that have not returned to their point of origin, people transformed by magical accidents and bad bargains, Sen’tek, and other, stranger things.  Many of these creatures have parts that are sought by alchemists and wizards for those brave, foolish or desperate enough to go hunting them.

Even dragons who go hunting in the far isles do not always return, though that does not stop them from hunting and such hunts are an expected rite of passage among some of the draconic houses.

Notes: A good place to seek adventure in.

Photo by NeilsPhotography and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

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