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Lash of the Overseer (A to Z Challenge, L)

14 April, 2015

Harsh discipline“I don’t like the look of that red-skinned fellow or his whip,” said Voddick in a low voice.

“No one likes a slaver,” replied Gollaon, equally quietly.

“We had best return to rescue the slaves after he leaves.”

“But will he?  He seems to enjoy his work too much,” said Gollaon with another glance.  “Let us find a wine house and refine our plans, keeping him in mind.”

“Always new problems,” muttered Voddick following his friend.

“At least we are rarely bored,” retorted Gollaon cheerfully.

Lash of the Overseer

These cruel items were originally made for priests of the god of slavers but their use and construction has outlived the death of that power.  Made of woven leather made from demons, humans and beasts of burden and tipped with infernal iron, the handle is made of rune-carved bone wrapped in leather and gold wire.

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