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Karrias Wood, magical material (A to Z Challenge, K)

13 April, 2015

Karrias Wood

Karrias wood is harvested from the hardy Karrias tree, a broad leaf, oak like tree that is found only on mountains.  The wood itself is an ashy-white color with crystalline veins running through it.  The crystal veins make working the wood a challenging task, requiring saw blades made of hardened steel and other specialized tools.

Due to its strength and special qualities it is sometimes used as weapon shafts and in shields for certain elite soldiers but is shows up most commonly in skyships and starships.

Kirrias wood is unique in that is became harder as it is cooled, making it popular for those planning on combat against various arctic creatures.   Kirrias wood both floats in the space between the stars and has neutral buoyancy when used as part of a skyship. some other material must be used to provide actual lift but it is often used as cladding in military skyships.

HP/inch 6; Hardness 7*; Cost To determine the price of a Karrias wood item, use the original weight but add 50 gp per pound to the price of a masterwork version of that item.

*The hardness of Karrias wood increase by 1 at freezing temperature or below and by 3 at -30 or below.

A Karrias wood shield provides resistance to cold against area effect attacks, light shields provide 1, heavy 3 and tower shields 5.

Notes: One of the many types of unusual wood in the Sea of Stars.

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