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Rai Stone (A to Z Challenge, R)

21 April, 2015

Rai Stone

Valuable but not portableVoddick rapped on the wheel shaped stone.  “Tough to put one of these in your pouch.”

Gollaon nodded.  “But they do not need to.  They carry them in words.”

“What?  How does that work?”

Rai Stones are carved circular stones with a central hole weighing four hundred pounds or much more depending on their size.  They are only quarried from particular sites that have religious or mystical significance and moving them must be done by person power, using magic or animals devalues the stone and thus, their abilities.

Rai Stones are used as currency, but they are not transported, rather ownership is transferred verbally and added to the oral history of the stone.  This creates a magically binding effect on both the giver and the receiver so they are usually only used for important transactions and contracts.  The longer and more interesting the history of the stone, the more powerful its magic becomes, especially if it has been associated with positive outcomes.

The strength of the binding magic depends on the pedigree of the stone, stones that are just average generate an effect similar to a lesser geas, except it effects anyone who willingly agrees regardless of HD, while those that are famous generate a full geas effect.  The effective caster level of this effect, however, is based on the size of the stone, one level for each two hundred pounds of stone (to a maximum of twentieth level of effect for a stone weighing four thousand pounds or more).  A young stone can maintain one contract, an average stone two and a famous stone three.

Destroying the stone breaks any contracts but the being that does so is subject to a major curse, no save, at the same caster level that the stone would maintain.  It is also likely to cause social repercussions as the owner of the Rai Stone will almost certainly be extremely unhappy.

The Empress is said to have an extensive collection of Rai Stones in her private garden at the Capital, the pedigrees and current contracts bound to each, she can recite with ease.

Notes: Yes, appropriated from the historic Rai Stones which are just too neat not to use.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.

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