Tuesday Magic Item – Stick Soldier

19 March, 2013

“We must hurry, our pursuers will be on us soon,” said Vanish, looking down the trail.

“Which is why I am preparing something to delay them,” said Milok the Green, placing the last of the little stick doll inside the armor taken from the bandits who had so foolishly attacked them.  Using his sacred knife, he priced his finger and touched a drop of blood to each one.  In moments they had grown to fill the roughly treated armor and struggled to their feet.

Anli of the Axe handed each a spear as Milok instructed them to block the road to all travelers.

“That should delay them a bit,” said Milokas he pulled himself up into the saddle.

Vanish glanced back.  “I hope so.  They look tougher than the bandits at least.”

Stick Soldier

These little humanoid-shaped bundles of twigs have some sort of weapon-like stick at the end of one arm and sometime a shield of woven sticks and armor of leaves.

By putting a fresh drop of the owner’s blood over where the soldier’s heart would be, causing the character doing so to take one hit point of damage, it grows into a warrior of wood with the additional ability:

Will not last out the day (Ex): After two hours the stick soldier starts to degrade, pieces falling off, limbs becoming brittle until eventually it just collapses into a pile of loose twigs and broken branches.  After two hours, it loses one hit point per hour until at zero hit points, it ceased to be.

Each Stick Soldier can only be used once.

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 500; Weight 1 lb
Construction Requirements
Craft Construct or Craft Wondrous Item, bull’s strength, enlarge person or shillelagh, magic weapon, mending; Cost 250

Notes: Useful when you need another body on the field, also good for distractions and such like.

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