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Tuesday Magic Item – Aluf’s Mace

26 March, 2013

Mace for Leadership“Our plans are made,” said Aluf Kov to his subordinates.  “You know where you should be, now take your places among our soldiers.”  He clasped hands and shoulders as they moved out to their units.  In the Aluf’s army, officers did not command from afar but among their soldiers, sharing their danger and inspiring them directly.

Lastly, Kov took his place among his first unit, the old veterans that have been with him in dozens of campaigns.  Across from the Aluf’s army, the invaders spread out, their numbers greater but the Aluf and his soldiers wait, seemingly unconcerned, singing songs of war and victory.

 Aluf’s Mace

These sturdy and stout maces are decorated with mottos of leadership and courage inlaid in copper apart from such ornamentation they are usually quite austere and show signs of use in combat.

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