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New Magic Item – Scalpel Mine

1 March, 2013
Lots of these:

One of many.

The carnage was terrible, whoever had attacked here had no compunction on limiting damage.  The wall were riddled with metal shards were they were not burned by fire or melted by acid.

“Who would do such a thing?”

“Who could?” came the reply.  “This level of destruction is almost unimaginable.  What caused it and why?”

Scalpel Mine

These first-sized metal spheres are ringed with rows of immensely sharp blade, making handling this item dangerous to those who do not take proper care.  They are dense and the metal they are constructed from is not easily identified.

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March onwards, looking back at February

1 March, 2013

March begins and the Equinox and Spring move near.  March gains its name from the Roman month Martius which in turn gains its name from Mars, the Roman god of war (and more a soldier than a warrior than his Greek counterpart Ares).

So, the theme for March will again be the military and things martial.  As usual, if there is anything in particular you would like to see let me know.  I will try to do something, spell or item, for the Equinox as well.

February, 2013, this journal saw the following posts here:

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