Wandering the Web [10]

11 June, 2011

Today, we travel out on to web to share things that I found interesting and useful.

Listening for the Enemy, before the invention of RADAR, acoustic mirrors were created to listen for enemy aircraft.   Actual weird science from the 1930s.

Wonder City Stories, a set of fascination stories set in Wonder City, an unique look at a superheroic world.

Since my Mutants & Masterminds campaign is set in the 1960s, anything touching on the Cold War interests me.  Such as this huge Soviet Bunker found in East Germany.  World War Two still echoes as well, this article on the Castle of the SS sadly debunks some of the Nazi occult myths (which are totally true in most super worlds).

Interesting in Medieval Medicine?  What about some ground mouse to help cure that?  Modern science looks at medieval medicine.

Look at an alternate history of the world,  where it intrudes into ours.

Where is the shadow government when you need it?  The fine people of Skin Horse are tasked (though chronically underfunded) with assisting non-human intelligences.  The interface for moving between comics is a bit clunky but some good inspiration there.

Enjoy your travels around the web!

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