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Inspirational Viewing – Man of Steel (2013)

14 June, 2013

Short non-spoilered review of Man of Steel:

Well done special effects are no substitute for a well thought out plot and 3D only make poorly directed action scenes more confusing.  However, Henry Cavill rises above the material he is given to work with to prove himself a worthy actor to play Superman, of the other actors, Russell Crowe improves he scenery chewing skills and Michael Shannon proves he is no Terence Stamp in his portrayal of (admittedly poorly written) General Zod.  Wooden dialog, confused plot and over-exuberant special effects lead to an overall unsatisfactory return of Superman to the big screen except for Cavill’s portrayal of Clark Kent/Superman which managed to ground the film surprisingly well, if only he had had a proper plot and a better script to work with . . .

Still Krypton and Krytonian technology looks fantastic and we have an excellent actor for Superman, so if you like those things, probably worth watching (though seeing it in 3D is surely not necessary).


But Sean, you may be saying, you hate Zach Snyder and swore never to give him money again after the travesty that was Sucker Punch.  That is true and my wife was given tickets for her and I by a friend to see Man of Steel, so, I have kept my word and given no money to Mr. Snyder.

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M&M Campaign Report – LA Stars Volume 2, Issue 10 “Sea, Sky and Black Sun”

17 May, 2013

Cover: Bald Eagle punching a jetpacked soldier while Legionnaire wrestles with boilersuited animated corpses, in the background a giant High-Q is wrapped in black bands.  A white male figure and a multicolored female one are seen from the back and they are saying “Do not worry, we will save you!”  “Who are these New Heroes?!” is splashed across the bottom.

LA Stars Volume 2, Issue 10 (October 1967)
Sea, Sky and Black Sun!

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“You want the truth?” Scene from our Out of Time M&M game

20 January, 2013

I am playing in a Mutants & Masterminds game, low powered (PL8 for those who play) where the framework is we are playing characters from various points of time (ranging from the ancient world to 1982) who have been given special abilities, programmed with information on modern technology and the world and then returned to the present to do . . . something, information is hazy on that last point.

We are newly back into time and on our first task working for a shady megacorporation that goes under the name of the Eschelon Organization.  We are trying to track down a stolen piece of experimental technology that allowed two criminal to escape from a Federal holding cell in downtown Chicago (based loosely on real events) and we have been told that we are acting as corporate advisers to the FBI, specifically to Agent Charlotte Jones.

We had been doing out investigations and Agent Jones, perceptively,  realized that we were keeping things from her as she was driving us back from the Federal Building.  The debate went back and fourth until finally my character (Anne Archy, punk rocker from 1982 who I will present in more detail soon) snapped:

We are time travelers from the past, given superpower and returned to the present to save the future.

And then Agent Jones threw us out of her car.  Now we need to find a new governmental Liaison.


Alex Mitchell’s Inspirational Artwork

31 August, 2012

From a link on G+, I was propelled into the galleries of Alex Mitchell (aka genesischant on deviantART artist and animator (writer Chambara Supermanand artist for Space Ninja).  Mitchell does a lot of redesigning characters for other genres, such as a chambara Justice League (of which the Steel Man/Superman is pictured to the right).

He has also done 1930s versions of the JLA as vigilante gang busters, while the Secret Society (of supervillains) are all mob bosses.  The X-Men as Victorian-era spiritualist/occult based heroes and much mAdventuring Partyuch more.

So much inspiration here for superhero games, Legend of the Five Rings, steampunk, Victorian-era games and more.  Go take a look and see what takes your fancy.

Oh, and he even has a piece inspired from back when he played D&D.


Review – Justice City Superpowered

22 January, 2012

Justice City is a setting for a superheroic world with recent emergent superheroes.  It provides a useful, if general, backdrop for a campaign or just for a place to visit.

Justice City Superpowered: A Superhero Setting Book and Campaign Installment is a 32-page PDF (27-pages if you remove the cover, OGL pages and ad) for the Mutants & Masterminds (3rd Edition) RPG written by Ethan Parker and published by Gamer’s Haven Publishing.  This is part of the Gamer’s Haven Superpowered Superhero Roleplaying line.

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Review – Hero Happy Hour Super Shot: Guardian

22 September, 2011

If you need a good backup / mentor character for a superhero game, you may find Guardian useful for such a role.

Hero Happy Hour Super Shot: Guardian is a 4-page PDF (3 pages if you remove the credits/OGL page) for Mutants and Mastermind (3rd edition) RPG written by Dan Taylor and published by Rhinotaur in partnership with GeekPunk.  This may be the first part of a series.

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Review – Comicworld Germany

4 September, 2011

Visit Germany and get involved in a superbattle?  If that is what you want to do Comicworld Germany will provide useful ground work.  So, if your superheroic campaign is thinking of heading to Germany, this product will prove to be a useful resource.

Comicworld Germany for the ICONS Super Role-Playing Game is a 24-page PDF (19 pages less cover, credits and OGL) written by Jakub “Erpegis” Osiejewski and published by GRAmel.

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