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Dr. Monkey, MD, and the Gonzo Roadtrip

2 June, 2011

That would be a brilliant children;’s book title, but the adventure, for children it is not.

I have mentioned my crazy Wens Night RPG group before and even written up some of the adventures (when I have been GMing).  But, at the moment B (aka Bailywolf) is running for us, it all its insane glory: Teenage Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness plus what other Palladium books we can throw into the soup.

The results have been hilarious, as this RPGNet thread will attest.  Go, take a look in on our madness and travel with Dr. Monkey, MD.  (Cue theme song: Doctor Monkey.  He’s a monkey . . . and a Doctor . . . and a Ninja . . .)

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