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Tuesday Magic Item – Stone Axe of Blasphemy

7 June, 2011

The dark sails on the horizon told of the coming of the raiders.  Like armed locusts they ate their way through the land, leaving nothing of value behind them.  When they shattered the doors of the Church of the Golden Branch, the bishop called down a powerful curse just before the leader of the raiders struck him down, severing the bishop’s head from his body.

The leader of the raiders was not one to let a curse slow him.  He used the bishop’s crozier as a shaft and made a stone axe blade from the largest fragment of the shattered altar.  He was killed in a drunken brawl the next season and the axe passed to his lieutenant.  Since then it has passed from one bloody handed murdered to another.

Stone Axe of Blasphemy

This heavy axe has a misshapen haft wrapped in blood stained leather, the axe head is made of shaped black stone.  The whole thing looks like it should be uselessly unbalanced but it is surprisingly easy to wield as a weapon.

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